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May 16, 2012-May 17, 2012 – I was going out for a run in the morning.  I told my dad I was leaving as I headed out.  I was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, even though it was quite hot, certainly hot enough to go sleeveless.  I was worried that I would get too hot, but after a while into my run, I was feeling comfortable.

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$10.13 12/2/11

December 2, 2011-December 3, 2011 – I was paying for something that cost $10.13.  I had enough change to give the girl behind the register 13 cents.  I got a dime and three pennies out of my wallet, with a bit of a struggle.  I didn’t have any 10’s, so I had to give her a twenty.  While looking through my bills, I saw a 5 between my 1’s – it turns out I did have another 5.  I took out the 20, put it on the counter, and slid it over.

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The Play’s The Thing

April 12, 2013-April 13, 2013 – I had been chosen at the last minute for a part in a play.  It seemed like it was being performed at someone’s house.  I didn’t have any of my lines memorized.  I wondered if I would be able to read from the script while on stage.  Then I thought maybe I could memorize my lines one scene at a time, as I had only a few lines per scene.  Except for one scene in which I had several.  The play was about to start.

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Yea or Nay

January 21, 2013-January 22, 2013 – I was at a U.S. Senate meeting.  We were standing around a pool.  We were having a vote on a gun measure.  Joe Biden was leading the vote.  He was on the opposite side of the pool.  There was another guy a couple of spots to the right of me whom I also recognized.  That may have actually been Biden and the guy leading it may have been the other guy I recognized.  So it came to a vote of “Yea” or “Nay.”  I didn’t quite catch what Yea or Nay meant.  I was pretty sure I wanted the option in which the gun control didn’t go too far.  Everyone voted – except for me.  The Yea’s won.  I tried to get the attention of the lead guy to clarify what the options were.  He didn’t respond.  I tried again, and he basically implied that I would be disciplined if I kept asking.  The woman to my right seemed to be on my side.  She consoled me a bit.  She had a $25 credit card gift card on hand.  She scratched a lottery ticket and won a $2200 credit card gift card.  I wondered if that total was high enough so as to require her to fill out a form to redeem her winnings.  I didn’t think it was.  We were between the dining and living rooms of a relatively big house.

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It’s Been Taken Care Of

May 15, 2012-May 16, 2012 – I was making my way around a mostly empty warehouse.  My brother was also there.  After running around for a bit, I conferred with my brother about something we had been concerned about, and he confirmed that it had been taken care of.  Then he left, and I jumped into one of the warehouse’s showers, which was right next to me.

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Midnight in Paris, Pennsylvania

September 14, 2013-September 15, 2013 – I was hanging out with someone at a house that resembled the house of my neighbors who I housesit for, or I was watching someone hanging out in this house. After some time, he ended up going back in time and falling in love with a girl played by Marion Cotillard. He couldn’t control when he got sent back to the present. He figured out that he could get back to the past on his own by talking to a mask of the girl. He would put the mask on a chair and say, “Please, I want to go back.” He went to the past at least three times. The last time, he/I seemed to be stuck, or at least not in any rush to get back to the present. I wondered what my house would be like in the past, so I walked over there. It was just through the neighborhood (as if I were walking from my neighbors’). I saw Britta, Annie, Pierce, Shirley, and Abed riding bikes on my way there. The house didn’t look like mine – it looked more like my late great uncle’s. I walked past one room – nothing was there. Then in the next room there was Fred Armisen and … Kristen Wiig (or Fred and Kristen playing characters). In the next room, I found Maya Rudolph sitting in the corner. Then Troy Barnes showed up, and we sat down to talk. I explained that I was in – or witnessing – a situation in which I was traveling to the past like in Midnight in Paris.

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Paranormal Activity 5

September 11, 2013-September 12, 2013 – I was watching Paranormal Activity 5.  I had to go to the bathroom, so I missed the typical PA opening (thanks to the San Diego police department, date stamp, family pulling into the driveway).  I was in the bathroom for about twice as long as I expected to be.  Then I walked back to the movie, which appeared to be playing at a track stadium.  My brother and dad were there as well.  In the movie, the scene now looked like a Google Hangouts conversation.  Danny Pudi was in the middle and on top.  On the bottom were five other spots – the second and fourth spots filled by the same girl, and the first, third, and fifth spots filled by the same guy.  Then I was heading home in the car with my family.  We pulled over by a tree on the side of the road near what looked like the area by Yardley Country Club.  We all got out and stood around the tree.  My mom and sister were on the side opposite the rest of us.  Dad was standing near me.  I felt something fall from the tree and slide down me.  It was poop, soft and a little runny.  I tried to figure out what it could have come from.  I ultimately decided that it was most likely from a monkey.

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