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June 22, 2018-June 23, 2018 – I was watching SNL. Ariana Grande was anchoring Weekend Update. She wasn’t the host, instead she was making a surprise guest appearance. One of her jokes involved pronouncing some four-syllable word with the phonetic spelling appearing on the bottom of the screen. It was a word familiar to SNL fans, so it was funny the way she said it. Then Pete Davidson came on and did a desk bit. As expected, the two of them had an easy rapport. After Pete left, Ariana announced that she was indeed going to be the musical guest of the season finale. This was the second (and last) episode in March, there would be three episodes in April, and then two in May. It seemed like she would also be the host, though she didn’t mention that specifically. I looked at the Wikipedia page for this season. It listed Ariana as the musical guest for the finale, with a note that she was also possibly going to be the host.


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June 8, 2018-June 9, 2018 – I was at my parents’ house. We were heading out somewhere to watch Olympic skiing up close. I ended up in a cabin with two guys. I think they were announcers, or something like that. I think I knew one of them. We were talking about watching the skiing. There was a window we could look out from, but our view was going to be quite obscured. The guys discussed going outside to watch. I would be up for that, but I didn’t have any boots to walk around the snow in. There were at least two pairs of boots on the floor, but neither of them were mine. Then we were outside. It actually wasn’t that snowy. The skiing surface was pavement without any snow on it. Several of us were standing around it. The skiers were starting to come down. Someone was trying to shoo me to the side to get out of the way. I had to jump right before one skier zoomed by. A bunch of skiers were going down the course simultaneously instead of one at a time. 91-year-old Jerry Stiller was among the next wave coming down. We were all impressed by him. The Olympics were being more open about who was allowed to enter, but still everyone here was decently impressive. Then we were back in the cabin. Two of my uncles were laughing about something. One of them said, “Get me Anne Meara!” She was part of our family, someone’s mother-in-law. I was trying to remember whose she was. Scarlett Johansson was also a member of the family, so I was looking forward to going to her eventual wedding. A little later, we were packing up the house. Walking in and out of one room, I caught SNL on the TV. The host was announced as Count Dracula, with Scarlett Johansson announced as a special guest. I sat down to see what this was all about. I was going to have to watch later the parts of the opening segment that I had missed. Pete Davidson was playing Dracula. He was wearing purple makeup and purple clothes. Apparently he had come up with this idea with ScarJo, and she was going to help him out during the episode if he needed it. For his monologue, he was explaining Dracula’s perspective on sketch comedy. It didn’t really have anything to do with being a vampire.

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