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November 26, 2011-November 27, 2011 – I was watching Time Chasers.  Nick had met and introduced himself to Lisa, but it hadn’t gone exactly as he wanted it to.  So he went back in time to the point when he met her to try it again.  While he was back at this point in time, a bunch of people started appearing and crowding up an open field.  They might have been multiple copies of the same people.  It seemed that Nick’s going back in time to re-introduce himself to Lisa had affected the timeline such that people kept coming back to this point in time.


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If You Think, It Will Come.

April 12, 2013-April 13, 2013 – While still in bed, I was thinking about how the weather was supposed to be unseasonably bad today.  I looked out the window; the trees were covered with snow.  It looked like there were at least three inches.

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Ghosts and Barbed Wire

January 20, 2013-January 21, 2013 – Three people – two guys and Jennifer Lawrence – were escaping from an institution that they had entered on a mission, which they had just completed.  There was a series of fences around the building that they had to make their way over.  It was bright out.  There was a metal fence that seemed as dangerous as barbed wire that they were trying to avoid.  Jen and one of the guys made it over another fence.  The other guy was about to make the jump, but then he was distracted by the ghost of his wife.  Someone called to him, and then he made it over.  Then, the three of them were being chased by a whole army of ghosts.  They had at least three more fences to clear.  The last one was one of those metal ones.  One of them got right to climbing it.  It turned out to be not that hazardous as long as you avoided the spikes at the top.  They still had quite a wide field to make their way across.

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Thick Morning

May 1, 2012-May 2, 2012 – I was in the bathroom after having just gotten up in the morning.  I looked at my reflection and noticed that my hair was thick despite having gotten a haircut yesterday.  I ran my hands through my hair to make sure it was actually as thick as it looked.  It did feel like it was, but I checked a few more times, because it didn’t make any sense.  I noticed the time – 11:46.  I threw a chair in frustration at having woken up so late.

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The Young and the Dead

November 21, 2011-November 22, 2011 – I was looking at obituaries and hearing news about people who had died young.  There were a few people who had recently died young.  My sister’s friend Becca had died, and so had this boy at the age of 22.  Next to Becca in the obituaries was someone else who was relatively young.  Becca’s obituary had been removed from the copy of the newspaper that I was looking at.

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Billy on the Beach

April 11, 2013-April 12, 2013 – I was out vacationing with my family.  I walked from the street onto a beach.  Billy Eichner was there, asking people Billy Eichner questions.  I joined him.  Then I went off on my own, walking along the ocean line, asking people Billy Eichner questions.  I saw my friend Ed from high school.  I had to walk around several bikini-clad girls to get to him.  There were a couple of girls right next to him that I had to really squeeze through.  One of them might have yelped when I brushed up against her.  Then I was sitting in front of the ocean next to a girl I knew from college.  There was a whole row of us sitting there.  Ed was a few people down.  The girl I knew from college might have been the one I brushed up against.  We were catching up with each other.  Then my mom showed up.  She was talking about a movie that my brother and sister were watching; I tried to ask Mom the details of the movie because I wanted to go watch with them.  Then I was in a hotel with my brother, one of his friends, and maybe my sister.  We were watching football.  The team we were rooting for seemed to be attempting a trick play.  The running back tossed the ball to the fullback on the left and ran forward, the fullback ran across the line of scrimmage (which was red on TV, and the first down line was yellow), then he tossed the ball back to the QB, who passed it about 30 yards.  It didn’t seem like the ball was caught, but then the receiver was running around like he had the ball.  Then there was a bunch of chaos on the field.  Two girls were fighting on the ground; one of them looked like Elisha Cuthbert (though it wasn’t).

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