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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

August 3, 2006-August 4, 2006 – I was in the kitchen to make my breakfast.  I saw my sister through the window by the clothesline.  I asked her where everyone was, and then smoke from the dishwasher got in my face.


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Remedial Chaos Weary

July 27, 2013-July 28, 2013 – I was watching the Community episode “Remedial Chaos Theory.”  Jeff broke off from everyone else and then started talking intensely to Pierce.  A little later, he yelled something at Troy.  Then it cut to black with the caption “20 Minutes Later,” and then it cut back to Troy and Britta intensely making out.  No moment had repeated itself yet.

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April 7, 2013-April 8, 2013 – There was a row of 5 porn videos being displayed.  They were being presented by Chris Walken (or someone like him).  Even though they were porn videos, they were supposed to be heartwarming (and they kind of were).

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Just Walk Away

January 6, 2013-January 7, 2013 – I was re-experiencing the time the car overheated when I was giving my cousin a ride.  But when I pulled over in a parking lot this time, I got right out and lifted up the engine hood.  Then I started walking away, towards the gas stations and then past them.

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Cinéma Vérité

April 9, 2012-April 10, 2012 – I was buying something – a carton of milk, I believe – at the grocery store.  I was using self-checkout.  I put my card into the slot, but nothing happened.  Then my card came back out, and I realized that this was the cash slot.  Then I put my card into the card slot, which had a picture of a generic card above it.

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The Two Blakes

November 12, 2011-November 13, 2011 – I was in a van that was driving up and down my street.  I was sitting around with a few cast members of Gossip Girl and also my brother’s friend Blake.  We had been talking for a while, and then I thought of something that excited me, so I burst out something in which I addressed “Blake and Serena.”  This offended Blake Lively, to be referred to as her character’s name while I called the other Blake by his actual name.  I was pretty sure I didn’t say what I meant to say.  I might have meant “Blair and Serena,” as Leighton Meester was also there.

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X-Men: Grenade Class

June 26, 2011-June 27, 2011 – I was re-watching the beginning of X-Men: First Class.  It was the scene in which Magneto (instead of Sebastian Shaw) descended, made his initial attack, and recruited some mutants in the aftermath of the attack.  It was taking place behind the concession stand of the movie theatre.  I ran back there to see it happen.  I was standing in front of the good mutants.  Three of the villainous mutants were standing at the end closer to the entrance.  There was a burst of smoke as Magneto made his entrance.  He beckoned to that one mutant with the long black hair to come join him, and he did.  Then some military officials appeared in the lobby.  A grenade with its ring off landed behind the stand.  It looked like a slightly shriveled piece of fruit.  I picked it up and threw it back.  But then it landed back over, so I threw it again.  I couldn’t get it to land in a spot away from people.  I went out to the lobby to try to take care of it.  It was now on the floor by the men’s room.  Matt Rinkevich picked it up and threw it into the men’s room, but it bounced right back out.  It looked like it was about to explode, as some sparks shot out.  Matt took cover by the wall.  I said to someone, “So that’s why Matt is hard of hearing.”  He said, “That’s not the only reason.”

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