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May 31, 2012-June 1, 2012 – I was on a flying vehicle with a few others.  We were facing a villain, who seemed impossible to defeat, no matter what we threw at him.  Then it appeared that we had the Hulk among our crew.  He turned into the Hulk and just started barreling himself at the villain.  I directed everyone to throw whatever else we had at the villain – arrows, etc. – even though they had only a marginal, if any, effect.  The Hulk started plowing the villain through to the front of the plane.  I was afraid that he was going to smash a window, but I figured that we had enough cover from the front to not be affected by that exposure to the sky.


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Specimens for Study

December 16, 2011-December 17, 2011 – Beavis and Butt-Head were being studied by this guy and his two female assistants.  They were out in a rocky area of a desert.  They had just come out of a cave that was in the desert.  The man and his assistants were set up by the road, while B and B were leaning against a small hill.  The man was trying to take a picture of them, and his assistants were helping.  He had thrown a piece of food attached to a string (that had landed about halfway between him and B and B) so as to induce them to pose for the picture.  I was now controlling Beavis.  I had him smile, in the way that Beavis usually smiles.

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Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

November 18, 2013-November 19, 2013 – I was watching/in a scene from Breaking Bad taking place after the series finale.  Walt walked into my bedroom, and Skyler walked in after him.  Walt had survived and was now out of the game.  Skyler peeked in my dresser and then in my closet.  Then she and Walt passionately embraced, and it looked like they were about to make love.  Then Walt, Jr. came running into the room.

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We Are All Made of Spielberg

April 29, 2013-April 30, 2013 – I was staying at a hotel along with several other people.  We were working on a project, possibly a film.  I went down to the café for breakfast.  It had glass walls and neon lighting.  I joined up with a couple ladies from my group as I ate, and we discussed details.  I noticed Steven Spielberg.  I went over to talk to him, just as I had gone up to him earlier.  I discussed my filmmaking plans, and he sounded willing to get involved.

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February 10, 2013-February 11, 2013 – I was watching the new Netflix season of Arrested Development.  As the second episode was getting close to the end, I realized that the first episode didn’t have an “On the next.”  Michael and Gob were on the wide steps outside a building.  I was also starting to realize that these episodes didn’t really seem to center around one character per episode, as advertised.  Then Michael and Gob were inside on the stairwell near the entrance.  Then there was an “On the next.”  It was different than a normal “On the next.”  I was about to start the third episode.

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Fashion Is Danger

May 30, 2012-May 31, 2012 – I was flipping through a fashion magazine.  There was a page I had open for a while with a picture of a girl.  I looked at it closely to see if she was naked and exposed as she appeared to be.  She had her hands on her nipples, so they were covered up.  Then I noticed that you could see her (shaved) vagina behind a metal bar.  I turned the page to see another girl with a shaved vagina.  Then I flipped through some more and found a picture of a naked Ian Somerhalder with a shaved penis.  There was another naked picture of him on a second page.

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December 12, 2011-December 13, 2011 – I was on an episode of Kenan and Kel.  Kel and I were in Kenan’s bedroom.  There were three beds.  Kel pulled out a present from under the bed on the right.  The label said that it was for Kel, and he was acting like it was.  I had to tell him that it was Kenan’s so as to prevent him from opening it.  Then he went and sat by the (large, semicircular) window.  There was one present on each of the other two beds that had been taken out from underneath the other beds.  Then I started taking out the other presents under the bed on the right.  These were my Christmas presents.  I got an extra XBox microphone, and another one, and a third.  One of them was purple.  The wrapping paper covered only about 3/4 of several of the presents.  I also received the Glee karaoke video game, which also came with a microphone.

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