Minions 2: Minions Gone Wild

November 15, 2020-November 16, 2020 – I was watching Minions. The main Minions had discovered some information that led them to consult an expert who could help them. They found him living as a hermit in a cave in a snowy area. They were disguised as tigers. One of them was also painted partially blu3e. The hermit clearly didn’t want to be distracted, but it was also clear that the Minions weren’t going away until they got help.

Jeopardy! ‘Chunks’

May 27, 2020-May 28, 2020 – I was witnessing Jeopardy! in some sort of way. I was hanging out at home (at least I think it was home), and I was letting Jeopardy! come to me. It arrived in chunks and lasted about 40 minutes altogether.

Lake Suey!

October 14, 2020-October 15, 2020 – I was with a gathering of NBA players. It was some sort of end-of-the-season event. There was some commiseration about how this season was different and the Lakers had to only win three games in the Finals. Then the Lakers all gathered to sing a song based on System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” I joined in with them. I noticed LeBron James and a few other players. While singing, everyone was doing a dance that felt choreographed. Things really died down leading into the final verse. Something else happened that grabbed everyone’s attention. One player and I tried to pick the song back up again. Then I tried to sing it on my own. I couldn’t quite get into it, though.

International Thieves

October 31, 2020-November 1, 2020 – I was watching a movie (?) about a group of thieves. They were three men and one woman, played by Sarah Snook. They were on an international trip (quite possibly for the first time ever). They were currently in a country that was so far off the radar. They went into a bank to pull off a robbery. Sarah was hanging back by the entrance. The robbery happened, but then a trapdoor was opened, and Sarah fell into a deep cavern. It looked like she was going to be stuck down there for a very long time (perhaps years and years). But then some guy who worked at the bank who had taken a liking to her decided to help her out. It looked like they were going to get away with it, as the people at the bank didn’t know they were guilty.

How’s Tiger Doin’?

October 22, 2020-October 23, 2020 – I was looking over the leaderboard for this weekend’s golf tournament. The first day was completed. After looking at the guys on the top, I went to find Tiger. I scanned down to the bottom. I think the guy in last was 10-over. Tiger wasn’t that close to the bottom, it turned out. He was at 5-over, which was still in danger of missing the cut. Then I looked for Mickelson. Par was 65.

October 3, 2020-October 4, 2020 – I was hanging out with or watching something involving Tim and Eric. I looked out at the view from my bedroom window at my parents’ house. T&E then teamed up with Scott Aukerman for a trek along a river. I was with them, as were dozens of other people. We were headed out to this place with dinosaurs. It sounded really dangerous. I was feeling rather wary. Tim was being a little cautious, while Eric was really pushing us forward. We ended up stopping at some point to set up camp. The grassy land was on a really sharp slant. I just wanted to head back. But the terrain was concave so it would be just as dangerously sharply slanting on the way back. Then T&E and Scott were back at the beginning, heading back out on this journey again. We were merging onto the highway. It was a really sharp curve to get on there.

October 2, 2020-October 3, 2020 – I was with a group of people who decided to act out the songs from Lana Del Rey’s newest album. (Lana herself might have been there.) We split into two groups. I was with the smaller group, while the bigger group  was in a big empty parking lot in front of a store. We came up with a simple idea that I liked. Then I looked over at the bigger group. Dan Harmon was taking charge there. He had Squirtle (who looked like a shadow) throw Charmander and then Pikachu (who both also looked like shadows) onto the roof.

Ants Crawlingman

September 23, 2020-September 24, 2020 – I was in a room with Adam Scott, Scott Aukerman, and one other guy. They were getting ready to record their next Talking Heads podcast episode. I stood up and looked at a computer desk. It was streaked with something sticky, and there were ants and other bugs crawling around. I tried to wipe it down. Scott and Scott and the other guy were trying to sing a song that went “My hero…”

Community Past and Future

August 26, 2020-August 27, 2020 – I was watching a new Community special. It was like an alternate version of the finale, and then an alternate version of the pilot. Jeff was sitting in the cafeteria with Shirley, who I was laughing it up with. All the tables were pretty full. Annie was sitting with some big, jock-looking guy. I figured that he was her high school boyfriend. She stood up, revealing that she was pregnant. We also saw Britta, Abed, Troy, and Pierce at some point. Elroy stood up and said something to the whole crowd. We also saw Frankie. Things were strange because the Earth’s gravitational pull was off. We saw a shot of the cosmos with the planets whizzing by. Then we went back to Greendale. The tag promised to tease something big for the future. It featured Abed and Jeff and a few others sleeping on a couch. Troy’s head was sticking out of the middle. (That was the big reveal, as it indicated that Troy would be appearing in the next thing.) I poked around in the back of the couch. I ended up touching Troy, who squealed. I was excited to read the AV Club‘s review of this special. I went to my parents and sister to see what they thought of it. They were having trouble with the DVR and hadn’t finished it. I was pretty sure they could catch it on Hulu.

August 6, 2020-August 7, 2020 – Janet Jackson was having photos taken for all the music videos throughout her career. They were to feature her and a dancer. My mom suggested that I be in the next photo and that my friend Walt be in the one after that. These photos were for videos from the late 80s or early 90s. We were currently in church. Janet’s crew was in the back. Walt and I headed back there. I tried to ask Janet if she needed help with the next photo but I was having trouble getting her attention, as she was going back and forth with everyone. I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t going to be in this photo after all. Walt, meanwhile, decided that he definitely was going to be in his photo. I thought about it again and decided that I definitely would, too.