An Xmas Story

August 25, 2018-August 26, 2018 – I noticed that some people were watching a movie. It featured Ralphie from A Christmas Story as an adult watching TV. My brother explained that this was a sequel in which multiple characters, including Ralphie’s uncle, died from using drugs. Ralphie was using psychotropics. At one point characters’ faces appeared green and frog-like. Ralphie was on drugs and watching TV the whole time. He ate a couple of waffles and spilled some syrup on his shirt. He was so zoned out. There was no dialogue, just occasional grunts and murmurs. Randy wanted to join him on the couch, which he eventually did.


A Grande Update

June 22, 2018-June 23, 2018 – I was watching SNL. Ariana Grande was anchoring Weekend Update. She wasn’t the host, instead she was making a surprise guest appearance. One of her jokes involved pronouncing some four-syllable word with the phonetic spelling appearing on the bottom of the screen. It was a word familiar to SNL fans, so it was funny the way she said it. Then Pete Davidson came on and did a desk bit. As expected, the two of them had an easy rapport. After Pete left, Ariana announced that she was indeed going to be the musical guest of the season finale. This was the second (and last) episode in March, there would be three episodes in April, and then two in May. It seemed like she would also be the host, though she didn’t mention that specifically. I looked at the Wikipedia page for this season. It listed Ariana as the musical guest for the finale, with a note that she was also possibly going to be the host.

June 8, 2018-June 9, 2018 – I was at my parents’ house. We were heading out somewhere to watch Olympic skiing up close. I ended up in a cabin with two guys. I think they were announcers, or something like that. I think I knew one of them. We were talking about watching the skiing. There was a window we could look out from, but our view was going to be quite obscured. The guys discussed going outside to watch. I would be up for that, but I didn’t have any boots to walk around the snow in. There were at least two pairs of boots on the floor, but neither of them were mine. Then we were outside. It actually wasn’t that snowy. The skiing surface was pavement without any snow on it. Several of us were standing around it. The skiers were starting to come down. Someone was trying to shoo me to the side to get out of the way. I had to jump right before one skier zoomed by. A bunch of skiers were going down the course simultaneously instead of one at a time. 91-year-old Jerry Stiller was among the next wave coming down. We were all impressed by him. The Olympics were being more open about who was allowed to enter, but still everyone here was decently impressive. Then we were back in the cabin. Two of my uncles were laughing about something. One of them said, “Get me Anne Meara!” She was part of our family, someone’s mother-in-law. I was trying to remember whose she was. Scarlett Johansson was also a member of the family, so I was looking forward to going to her eventual wedding. A little later, we were packing up the house. Walking in and out of one room, I caught SNL on the TV. The host was announced as Count Dracula, with Scarlett Johansson announced as a special guest. I sat down to see what this was all about. I was going to have to watch later the parts of the opening segment that I had missed. Pete Davidson was playing Dracula. He was wearing purple makeup and purple clothes. Apparently he had come up with this idea with ScarJo, and she was going to help him out during the episode if he needed it. For his monologue, he was explaining Dracula’s perspective on sketch comedy. It didn’t really have anything to do with being a vampire.

Love, Future Purge

March 26, 2018-March 27, 2018 – I was at a fancy party. Most of the attendees were around my age. I walked up to the dining area. I headed to the bathroom. There was a screening of Love, Simon happening here. It started out with a bunch of kids hanging out on a boat. Later in the movie, it was the end of the night. Simon, or somebody, could be heard saying that he had never really been asked out to hang out before, and he was really grateful for this. I couldn’t tell if this was happening at the beginning or the end of the school year. One of the characters was played by Britt Robertson. They were all switching over to another boat. I grabbed Britt with my left arm and helped her over. Then I jumped over, too. I was watching a trailer for the next Purge movie. People were in a warehouse, where they were being checked to see if they were possessing certain things (like a gun or other weapons, I think). Elsewhere, there was someone on a recording giving instructions on how not to be detected. Everyone was red and veiny, I guess because this was the future and they were mutated humans. The instructor explained that the last part involved turning off your brain activity, which would be incredibly painful. There was some guy hanging from the warehouse ceiling, about to turn off his brain. There was another guy hiding behind a column who injected himself with something to help turn off his brain.

(NOTE: In my dreams, celebrities usually appear as conflations of themselves and the characters they play.  So if a dream takes place in a movie or TV show, then its characters are usually also the actors that play them.  There a few exceptions: animated characters generally are not counted this way, as they don’t tend to have this same conflated quality.  So, an appearance by Stan Marsh would not also count as an appearance by Trey Parker.  Also, for fictional characters that have had multiple iterations: an appearance by James Bond doesn’t count as an appearance by Daniel Craig unless it is the version of Bond as played by Craig.)

I’m at a point in my life where I personally know some people who work in the film and TV biz, thus explaining Tick star Griffin Newman’s placement atop this list, which mostly has to do with Blank Check with Griffin and David always going to the top of my must-listen podcast to-do list.
A little further down the charts we have a battle of political administrations, as well as Alison Brie taking her normal spot near the top. American Housewife‘s cast/characters make a strong showing among new shows, while Mr. Robot and New Girl continue to affect my psyche.

Griffin Newman – 9
Donald Trump – 8
Alison Brie – 5 (once as Annie Edison, once as Ruth Wilder)
Barack Obama – 5
David Lynch – 4
Daniel DiMaggio – 3 (as Oliver Otto from American Housewife)
Will Ferrell – 3
Jake Johnson – 3 (each time as Nick Miller)
Rami Malek – 3 (each time as Elliot Alderson)
Joel McHale – 3 (twice as Jeff Winger)
Anthony Anderson – 2 (once as Dre Johnson)
Samantha Bee – 2
Kerry Bishé – 2 (both times as as Donna Clark)
Dana Carvey – 2
Jeff B. Davis – 2
Zooey Deschanel – 2 (both times as Jess Day)
Portia Doubleday – 2 (both times as Angela Moss)
Billy Eichner – 2
Roger Federer – 2
Chris Gethard – 2
Selena Gomez – 2
Max Greenfield – 2 (both times as Schmidt)
Dan Harmon – 2
Chris Harrison – 2
Gillian Jacobs – 2 (once as Britta Perry)
Kyle MacLachlan – 2 (once as Dale Cooper, once as Dale Cooper and Dougie Jones at the same time)
Katy Mixon – 2 (as Katie Otto)
Amy Schumer – 2
Phoebe Tonkin – 2
Amy Adams – 1
Eric Andre – 1 (as Mike from Man Seeking Woman)
Aziz Ansari – 1
Anthony Atamanuik – 1
Diedrich Bader – 1 (as Greg Otto from American Housewife)
Tyra Banks – 1
Troy Barnes (NOT portrayed as Donald Glover) – 1
BB-8 – 1
Bill Belichick – 1
Beck Bennett – 1
Mikael Blomkvist – 1
Danny Boyle – 1
John Boyega – 1 (as Finn)
Andre Braugher – 1 (as Captain Raymond Holt)
Kurt Braunohler – 1
Abigail Breslin – 1
Spencer Breslin – 1
Kyle Broflovski – 1
Kobe Bryant – 1
Max Burkholder – 1 (as Max Braverman)
Rose Byrne – 1
Nicolas Cage – 1
Drew Carey – 1
Kim Carnes – 1
Jim Carrey – 1
Liam Carroll – 1 (as Jareb from The Detour)
Carly Chaikin – 1 (as Darlene Alderson)
Chris Christie – 1
Emilia Clarke – 1 (as Daenerys Targaryen)
Bradley Cooper – 1
Sofia Coppola – 1
Steph Curry – 1
Skyler Day – 1
Iain De Caestecker – 1 (as Leopold Fitz)
Ellen DeGeneres – 1
Laura Dern – 1
Jason Dessen (Dark Matter character) – 1
Leonardo DiCaprio – 1
Denny Dillon – 1
Peter Dinklage – 1
Meg Donnelly – 1 (as Taylor Otto from American Housewife)
Kirsten Dunst – 1
Christine Ebersole – 1
Annie Edison (NOT portrayed by Alison Brie) – 1
Eminem – 1
Elle Fanning – 1
Anna Faris – 1
David Ferrer – 1
Nathan Fielder – 1
Micah Fowler – 1 (as JJ Dimeo from Speechless)
Gal Gadot – 1
Chris Geere – 1 (as Jimmy Shive-Overly)
Johnny Gilbert – 1
Betty Gilpin – 1 (as Debbie Eagan)
Walton Goggins – 1 (as Lee Russell)
Whoopi Goldberg – 1
Ryan Gosling – 1
Kelsey Grammer – 1
Rupert Grint – 1 (as Ron Weasley)
Lukas Haas – 1
Kit Harington – 1 (as Jon Snow)
Justin Hartley – 1 (as Kevin Pearson)
Lena Headey – 1 (as Cersei Lannister)
Elizabeth Henstridge – 1 (as Jemma Simmons)
Ed Hochuli – 1
Oscar Isaac – 1
LeBron James – 1
Allison Janney – 1
Brandon Johnson – 1
Jason Jones – 1
Leslie Jones – 1
Michael Jordan – 1
Madison Keys – 1
Mike Krzyzewski – 1
Brie Larson – 1
Sanaa Lathan – 1
Jennifer Lawrence – 1
Linkin Park – 1
Eva Longoria – 1
Marc Maron – 1 (as Sam Sylvia)
Stan Marsh – 1
Scoot McNairy – 1 (as Gordon Clark)
Chrissy Metz – 1 (as Kate Pearson)
Murf Meyer – 1
TJ Miller – 1
Dylan Minnette – 1
Helen Mirren – 1
Kyle Mooney – 1
Lamorne Morris – 1 (as Winston Bishop)
Seth Morris – 1
Carrie-Anne Moss – 1 (as Trinity)
Bobby Moynihan – 1
Cillian Murphy – 1
Eddie Murphy – 1
Mike Myers – 1
Rafael Nadal – 1
Craig T. Nelson – 1 (as Zeke Braverman)
Mike Nelson – 1 (as Michael J. Nelson )
Jack Nicholson – 1 (as Jack Torrance)
Dirk Nowitzki – 1
Michelle Obama – 1
Patton Oswalt – 1
Randall Park – 1 (as Louis Huang)
Madelaine Petsch – 1 (as Cheryl Blossom )
Amy Poehler – 1
Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales – 1
Daniel Radcliffe – 1 (as Harry Potter)
June Diane Raphael – 1
Robert Redford – 1
Lou Reed – 1
Keanu Reeves – 1 (as Neo)
Rob Reiner – 1
Lili Reinhart – 1 (as Betty Cooper)
Haley Lu Richardson – 1
Daisy Ridley – 1 (as Rey)
Kelly Ripa – 1
Britt Robertson – 1
Austin Rogers – 1
Tracee Ellis Ross – 1 (as Rainbow Johnson)
RuPaul – 1
Pat Sajak – 1
Lisbeth Salander – 1
Paul Scheer – 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger – 1
Marcus Scribner – 1 (as Andre Johnson, Jr.)
Yara Shahidi – 1 (as Zoey Johnson)
Frankie Shaw – 1 (as Bridgette from SMILF)
Sia – 1
Rik Smits – 1
Frank Spangenberg – 1
Hailee Steinfeld – 1
Emma Stone – 1
Harry Styles – 1
Ivanka Trump – 1
Melania Trump – 1
Emma Watson – 1 (as Hermione Granger)
Hugo Weaving – 1 (as Agent Smith)
The Weeknd – 1
Harvey Weinstein – 1
Tina Weymouth – 1
Vanna White – 1
Rebel Wilson – 1
Tiger Woods – 1
Constance Wu – 1 (as Jessica Huang)
Neil Young – 1

Netty Tennis

August 26, 2017-August 27, 2017 – I was watching the first day of the US Open. Coverage started at 7:00 AM. The first match on was Federer vs. Madison Keys. I wondered how such a marquee matchup could be in the first round. Keys got the break right away and then held to go up 2-0. Then suddenly it was 3-2 with Federer about to get the break back. Then there was a really tall net right by the regular net. Keys tripped over it, causing her to fall towards the camera with a look of panic. Then ESPN’s coverage cut to SportsCenter. I tried to fast-forward to get back to tennis, but it was on SC for hours. It was almost exclusively showing women’s soccer clips. I was then within the goalkeeper in this game. She/we made a nice save, but then the ball bounced out of bounds off one of our defenders. I could hear the announcer say that a corner kick was set up. For the last five minutes of the game, she/we kept making save after save. We just couldn’t get it out of our end. At one point, there was a kick on the net while I was way too far out. I thought it was going to go in, but then one of my defenders was there and it hit the post.


June 24, 2017-June 25, 2017 – I was watching Riverdale, or at least characters from Riverdale. The action was focusing on Cheryl. She was standing by a barn in the woods. Then a couple of other characters got her to run off. There was something urgent going on with Cheryl’s brother – not Jason, but another brother we hadn’t seen before.