2 Dopey Queens

April 9, 2017-April 10, 2017 – I was listening to some podcasts. While catching the tail end of one, I was about to go right into the next one.  The one that was ending was 2 Dope Queens. The two girls were hosting it live right in my room. One of them was white, and the other one might have been Hispanic. I thought they were both black. I often jokingly referred to this show in my head as “2 Dopey Queens.” I thought about mentioning that to the girls, but then I thought better of it.

May 7, 2020-May 8, 2020 – I was home at my parents’ house. My brother and I were on our way out somewhere. We were grabbing some things from the kitchen. My brother had recently gone through some changes that made him need “his sugar.” He asked if he could take one of my Gatorades. There was one in the freezer. It was bigger than 20 ounces. It was white and frosty. It was called some sort of “goo.” My dad had brought it home earlier. Rob was going to take it, but it was too frozen. I went down to the basement to get another one.

April 28, 2020-April 29, 2020 – I was watching the behind-the-scenes preparations for the next new SNL. I was there as it was happening. Colin and Michael were discussing what they were going to do for Weekend Update. They were going to end by telling their “favorite jokes” that they hadn’t been allowed to tell before. Colin wanted them to memorize these jokes instead of reading them off the cue cards. Michael wasn’t so sure about that. He knew Lorne wouldn’t be happy. They were at the craft service table. Then they were at the kitchen counter. Kyle Mooney was also there. He was working on a bit he was going to do on Update. I read what he was working on. I told him that it sounded like Bruce Chandling. Jerry Seinfeld read Che’s joke from a basketball court. After he finished, he asked if he could get paid for that. $100 seemed fair. Che said he would give him $102, as the two-dollar bill was “the one with the help.” John Salley was talking. Then he fouled someone at the court where Jerry was.

January 1, 2018-January 2, 2018 – I was watching an SNL game show sketch. Bill Hader was playing the host. It had a one-word title, something like “Bounce” or “Buzz” or “Now.” It was a sequel to “Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney,” this time with three actors who could be confused with each other. There were three contestants. Bill was standing behind the contestants’ podiums at some point.

Community in My Corner

April 13, 2020-April 14, 2020 – I was with a group of friends. We moved from one room to another. We had to make our way through a bracket of TV shows by guessing what each show was. We only had about an hour to complete this. We would’ve had more time if we had started earlier, but I think we could still do it. It was going to be tight, but I think we could. We started in the upper left. I had been tasked with typing in the answers. We then moved to the upper right. Community was the right answer on the top. I was a little nervous, so I had to quickly fix some typos. After answering Community, we took a break.

The Good Fly

April 10, 2020-April 11, 2020 – I walked up to my bedroom, where a scene from The Good Fight was playing out. Julianna Margulies was guest starring as Alicia. She was talking with Diane about how things had changed since Will died. A big fly was flying around. It was as big as dragonfly, but it looked like a horsefly. It landed on my index finger. It looked like it was about to bite. I tried to flick it away, but it was kind of stuck.

March 27, 2020-March 28, 2020 – I was with Samantha Bee and the rest of the Full Frontal cast. We were out in a field somewhere shooting an episode. When we were about halfway through, we headed back to the locker room, or something like a locker room. Will Ferrell was with us as part of the cast. We didn’t make it all the way to the locker room. At some point, I split off from the rest of the group. I was sitting on a park bench, hanging out with Chance the Rapper and one other guy. The other guy was asking Chance some questions. Chance was currently working on a graduate degree. The other guy got up and left. I sat closer and drilled down with Chance. I asked him if he was still touring – he was. I asked him if he was still playing hockey – he was. I asked him if he wanted to add grad school to his plate with all that – he really, really did.