May 28, 2019-May 29, 2019 – I was watching Edge of Tomorrow. It was a scene at the beginning I had never seen before involving God and Emily Blunt’s character. Later, I was with my dad at what looked like a convention. The crowd had died down. All that was left was a line of people waiting to see Rob Schrab. The setup looked like he was a professor and we were going to see him during his office hours. On the door was written the name of a movie: “The Ball (Something)” or “The Ball and the (Something).” It was a parody from a few decades ago. It was the topic we were supposed to talk about with Rob. Dad and I entered Rob’s space. There was a specialty Monopoly game on a table. The lid was a little loose, so I pushed it down tight. As for the movie written on the door, I said, “I haven’t seen it. Wasn’t it about… ?” Then we got to talking about other topics. I was worried we were going to talk so long that we were going to take away from the time of the girl behind us. I told Rob that I had been watching Edge of Tomorrow earlier. I also mentioned I had a dream a while back about a scene in that movie featuring God. He was walking around some parks in what appeared to be Brooklyn. At some point Dan Harmon was here and he took what I said as a suggestion for what he was working on. I was watching more of God. This was in a Family Guy episode. He was walking around some main area of town. This was an early episode. I think it was from after from the revival, when I was in high school. I was going to hit the guide button on the remote to see when it originally aired.


Gymnasium Bang! Bang!

April 11, 2019-April 12, 2019 – I was on a podcast. We were recording way up on the top of the rafters in a gymnasium. Scott Aukerman was hosting, and there was one other guest besides me. It kind of felt like Comedy Bang! Bang!, but I don’t think it quite was. Towards the end of the episode, Scott had us play a game. He gave us a phrase as an answer, and we had to guess the question.

I’m an All-Star!

March 17, 2019-March 18, 2019 – I was competing in the Jeopardy! All-Star Games. My teammates were Julia and Ben. Julia played in the first round of the first game. It looked like we were playing in the family room at my parents’ house. After the first commercial break, I was watching the game on a monitor in another room. Julia was being interviewed. The producers were stretching out the game to have it last two episodes. Going into Double Jeopardy, it looked like I was going to play this round. But then Ben said that he wanted it which meant I would play Final in this game and then probably Double in the next game. I was a little wary of playing Double in the next game, as I would probably be up against Roger Craig. It would be tough as a newbie going against someone so fast on the buzzer. I went backstage quick and saw that Julia was feeling really sick. She didn’t think she could do any round except Final for the next game. I came back and reported this to Ben, which changed our strategy a bit. But it looked like Ben could still take Double today.

In the Line of Fire

March 17, 2019-March 18, 2019 – I was involved in something that led to some people going after my family. Yvette Nicole Brown ran over to the hospital, despite the great risk. The lobby there was completely empty. Then there was a guy standing behind Yvette and two guys with a gun on the other side. The lights went out and a shot was fired. The light came back on. Yvette had been replaced by a trench coat hanging over a mannequin.

RuPaul’s Mud Race

February 15, 2019-February 16, 2019 – I was hanging out with the other queens of the most recent RuPaul’s Drag Race season, which had just ended. We were outside some building that might have been a studio. It was sunny out and felt like mid-spring. I was one of the winners, along with Monét X Change. I had been given a robe to wear that had recently been returned. There was a pouch hanging below the crotch area. It felt like there was something in there. Ru gathered us all over to a field across the street to talk to us. It looked like a graveyard. It was pretty much impossible to avoid sitting in mud or dirt. Ru didn’t look like Ru, but instead like someone significantly younger. He was talking about how a bunch of clothes that they once had to give away had recently been returned. But unfortunately they had unavoidably become shit-stained. I pulled the pouch off my robe. It looked like a diaper filled with poop.

Seven Doggone Army

January 29, 2019-January 30, 2019 – I walked into some back room where snacks were laid out on tables. #2 on the Greatest Super Bowl Commercials came on. This was an ad from last year. It featured someone with dog treats leading huskies across a room and making them bark to the tune of the main riff of “Seven Nation Army.” The final note happened by us dunking our hands into the ice of a drink cooler. So I did that. I wanted to grab a cherry cola. Then I had to go to the bathroom. There was an attendant who was weirdly stationed by the urinals. He was currently facing the wall.

Waiting for The Dude

January 11, 2019-January 12, 2019 – I was watching The Big Lebowski. It was an early scene at the bowling alley. John Goodman’s character pulled a gun out on his teammate while they were sitting at their lane. It was taking a while for him to put away the gun. It was getting a little uncomfortable. I was waiting for The Dude to show up.