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The Best of Mario Kart

June 24, 2014-June 25, 2014 – I was watching a series of Mario Kart races being played by someone else.  The graphics made it look old school, like it was Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64, although the tracks didn’t look completely familiar.  The red shell seemed to be a constant bugaboo in these races.  In one race, the guy was playing as Mario.  It was a three-person race between him and two computer characters.  He was in last, but right at the end, it looked like he was going to make a move, but it wasn’t quite enough.  And after crossing the finish line, he got hit by a red shell.  I was wondering why there were only 3 racers; I remembered there always being 8.  Then I saw a starting line with a full set of racers.  These races were being presented to show off Mario Kart records.

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Advanced Cronenbergian Science

January 16, 2015-January 17, 2015 – I was watching the Season 6 premiere of Community.  It opened with a shot of a laboratory.  Annie, Jeff, Britta, Abed, and Chang walked in.  They each had a test tube that they were now checking on.  They were growing humanoid creatures in them.  Most of them were small and remained flesh-toned only.  But Annie’s was bigger and had some more coloration.  Then they left the room after doing what they needed to do.  This was the Halloween episode, and it was actually airing on Halloween (even though it was late winter/early spring).  I was watching on my computer, but I wanted to watch on the TV.  I walked downstairs and saw that my brother was watching something in the family room.  I was wondering what I should have for breakfast.  There were about 5 muffins.  I could put them in a bowl and pour a little bit of milk on them, like cereal.  But that would be odd.  My brother was still in the family room.  One of his friends might have been there.

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June 23, 2014-June 24, 2014 – There was something going on at a space station.  Two of the astronauts were walking onto a platform outside the station.  It seemed like the one farther out might end up falling.  I was monitoring the action, possibly from inside the station.  Meanwhile, back on Earth, I was with a group of people putting together a moneymaking scheme.  We went off to this party in the middle of the afternoon to sell an assortment of marijuana products.  We set up shop in the living room.  Someone started to smoke from a tube that had a little bit of green liquid in it.  I didn’t think we should be indulging in our products while working.  But we all seemed fine after having used them a little while ago.

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A Slice of Keach

January 11, 2015-January 12, 2015 – I was sitting outside a steam room or somewhere with a group of people.  While it looked like a steam room, we weren’t wearing bathing suits or towels.  I noticed that Stacy Keach was sitting next to me in the corner.  After he finished talking to someone else, I said, “Are you Stacy Keach? I loved you in…” (I tried to think of that show I watched him in) “…Titus!”  He seemed happy with the compliment.

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Best Laid Plans

August 18, 2013-August 19, 2013 – I was with my family at the beach, including my aunt and cousin.  We were getting ready to go see a movie.  We were watching TV right now, and then we were outside, getting into the car.  Then we were back at the TV, but still planning on going to see the movie.

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Catch and Release

December 9, 2013-December 10, 2013 – I walked onto a basketball court to join three guys who were shooting around.  I put up several shots.  I made a few long 3’s, despite pushing the ball with my right hand in an odd way right at the point of release.  I was also catching rebounds and throwing them out to the other guys.  After shooting around, I noticed some chatter on Facebook about the Cowboys and also possibly the Eagles.

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(NOTE: In my dreams, celebrities usually appear as conflations of themselves and the characters they play.  So if a dream takes place in a movie or TV show, then its characters are usually also the actors that play them.  There a few exceptions: animated characters generally are not counted this way, as they don’t tend to have this same conflated quality.  So, an appearance by Stewie Griffin would not also count as an appearance by Seth MacFarlane.  Also, for fictional characters that have had multiple iterations: an appearance by Hannibal Lecter doesn’t count as an appearance by Mads Mikkelsen unless it is the version of Hannibal as played by Mads Mikkelsen.)

Community remains my favorite show of all time, and in 2014 it remained the most frequent fodder for my dreams featuring actors and the characters they play.  Alison Brie was again number one, this time breaking away from the tie she shared with Joel McHale the last two years.  Joel was close behind in second place, with both breaking their own records.
Outside of Community, Chris Gethard and Billy Eichner had strong showings to go along with their memorable 2014’s in real life.  It was also a memorable year for Jeopardy! and correspondingly a strong year for Jeopardy! contestants appearing in my dreams.

Alison Brie – 14 (10 times as Annie Edison)
Joel McHale – 12 (10 times as Jeff Winger)
Danny Pudi – 7 (each time as Abed Nadir)
Roger Craig – 5 (Jeopardy! contestant)
Chris Gethard – 5
Gillian Jacobs – 5 (four times as Britta Perry)
Billy Eichner – 4
Jason Alexander – 3 (each time as George Costanza)
Donald Glover – 3 (twice as Troy Barnes)
Brie Larson – 3 (once as Rachel from Community)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – 3 (twice as Elaine Benes)
Brad Rutter – 3
Stephen Amell – 2 (each time as Oliver Queen)
Chevy Chase – 2 (each time as Pierce Hawthorne)
Zooey Deschanel – 2 (once as Jess Day)
Jessica Lange – 2
Tatiana Maslany – 2 (each time as someone from Orphan Black)
Kumail Nanjiani – 2
John Oliver – 2 (once as Ian Duncan)
Andy Samberg – 2 (once as Jake Peralta)
Candice Accola – 1 (as Caroline Forbes)
Jessica Alba – 1
Fred Armisen – 1
Tomáš Berdych – 1
Jay Bilas – 1
Emily Blunt – 1
Michael Bolton – 1
Julie Bowen – 1 (as Claire Dunphy)
Boy George – 1
Yvette Nicole Brown – 1 (as Shirley Bennett)
Ty Burrell – 1 (as Phil Dunphy)
Candace Cameron – 1
Aya Cash – 1 (as Gretchen from You’re the Worst)
Carly Chaikin – 1 (as Dalia Royce)
Louis C.K. – 1
Sasha Cohen – 1
Julia Collins – 1
Bradley Cooper – 1
Dave Coulier – 1
Laverne Cox – 1
Sidney Crosby – 1
Tom Cruise – 1
Matt Czuchry – 1 (as Cary Agos)
Daft Punk – 1
Hugh Dancy – 1 (as Will Graham)
Jeff Davis – 1
Johnny Depp – 1
Drake – 1
Adam Driver – 1 (once as Adam Sackler but also as himself separately in the same dream)
Lena Dunham – 1
Roger Ebert – 1
Reid Ewing – 1 (as Dylan from Modern Family)
Chris Farley – 1
Taissa Farmiga – 1
Jesse Tyler Ferguson – 1 (as Mitchell Pritchett)
Tina Fey – 1
Nathan Fielder – 1
Will Forte – 1
Melissa Fumero – 1 (as Amy Santiago)
Ron Funches – 1
Chris Geere – 1 (as Jimmy from You’re the Worst)
Estelle Getty – 1
Tyrese Gibson – 1
Jon Glaser – 1
Ilana Glazer – 1
Walton Goggins – 1
John Goodman – 1
Nolan Gould – 1 (as Luke Dunphy)
Max Greenfield – 1 (as Schmidt)
Judy Greer – 1 (as Kitty Sanchez)
Stewie Griffin – 1
Harry Hamlin – 1 (as Jim Cutler)
Jon Hamm – 1 (as Don Draper)
Chris Hardwick – 1
Dan Harmon – 1
Woody Harrelson – 1
Neil Patrick Harris – 1
Kevin Hart – 1
Teri Hatcher – 1 (as Susan Mayer)
Jonah Hill – 1
Cheryl Hines – 1 (as Dallas Royce)
Ice Cube – 1
Abbi Jacobson – 1
Ken Jeong – 1 (as Ben Chang)
Anthony Jeselnik – 1
Jake Johnson – 1 (as Nick Miller)
Rashida Jones – 1
Kim Kardashian – 1
Anna Kendrick – 1
Jimmy Kimmel – 1
Greg Kinnear – 1
Jemima Kirke – 1 (as Jessa Johansson
Marlen Kruse – 1 (as Corinna from Wetlands)
Darienne Lake – 1
Jennifer Lawrence – 1
Thomas Lennon – 1
Jennifer Lopez – 1
Joe Mande – 1
Peyton Manning – 1
Stacy Martin – 1 (as Young Joe from Nymphomaniac)
J. Mascis – 1
Erin McGathy – 1
Marshall McLuhan – 1
Mads Mikkelsen – 1 (as Hannibal Lecter)
Kyle Mooney – 1
Lamorne Morris – 1 (as Winston Bishop)
Joe Morton – 1 (as Rowan Pope)
Pam Mueller (Jeopardy! contestant) – 1
Conan O’Brien – 1
Timothy Olyphant – 1 (as Raylan Givens)
Ian Patrick – 1 (as Dick Butkus)
Bill Paxton – 1
Grandpa Lou Pickles – 1
Stu Pickles – 1
Tommy Pickles – 1
Amy Poehler – 1
Bernardo Arias Porras – 1 (as Michael from Wetlands)
Colin Quinn – 1
Urszula Radswanka – 1
Jim Rash – 1 (as Dean Craig Pelton)
Emily Bett Rickards – 1 (as Felicity Smoak)
Seth Rogen – 1
RuPaul – 1
Bob Saget – 1
Adam Sandler – 1
Horatio Sanz – 1
Jerry Seinfeld – 1 (as “Jerry Seinfeld”)
Eden Sher – 1
Gene Siskel – 1
Stellan Skarsgård – 1 (as Seligman)
Jason Sklar – 1
Randy Sklar – 1
John Slattery – 1 (as Roger Sterling)
Francine Smith – 1
Roger Smith – 1
Stan Smith – 1
Lauren Stamile – 1 (as Michelle Slater)
John Stamos – 1
Eric Stonestreet – 1 (as Cameron Tucker)
Jodie Sweetin – 1
Jason Sudeikis – 1
Justin Theroux – 1
Alex Trebek – 1
Albert Tsai – 1 (as Bert)
Abe Vigoda – 1
Matt Walsh – 1
Damon Wayans, Jr. – 1 (as Coach)
Marlon Wayans – 1
Shawn Wayans – 1
Betty White – 1
Michael K. Williams – 1 (as Professor Marshall Kane)
Ray Wise – 1

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