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March 26, 2018-March 27, 2018 – I was at a fancy party. Most of the attendees were around my age. I walked up to the dining area. I headed to the bathroom. There was a screening of Love, Simon happening here. It started out with a bunch of kids hanging out on a boat. Later in the movie, it was the end of the night. Simon, or somebody, could be heard saying that he had never really been asked out to hang out before, and he was really grateful for this. I couldn’t tell if this was happening at the beginning or the end of the school year. One of the characters was played by Britt Robertson. They were all switching over to another boat. I grabbed Britt with my left arm and helped her over. Then I jumped over, too. I was watching a trailer for the next Purge movie. People were in a warehouse, where they were being checked to see if they were possessing certain things (like a gun or other weapons, I think). Elsewhere, there was someone on a recording giving instructions on how not to be detected. Everyone was red and veiny, I guess because this was the future and they were mutated humans. The instructor explained that the last part involved turning off your brain activity, which would be incredibly painful. There was some guy hanging from the warehouse ceiling, about to turn off his brain. There was another guy hiding behind a column who injected himself with something to help turn off his brain.

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