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March 29, 2014-March 30, 2014 – I was watching the latest Paranormal Activity.  It started off with a bunch of scenes of people just hanging out.  There were a few romantic pairings.  One of them was kind of creepy because the guy and the girl were related, or they had just grown up together.  They were rolling over each other on a bed.  There had still been no paranormal activity about an hour into the movie.  Then the youngest girl in the family was walking down the stairs into the basement, and it was starting to feel appropriately ominous.  The girl rearranged hologram pictures on the wall by waving her hands around, and she did other magic-esque things that seemed like they were going to summon spirits.  After going through her whole routine, there appeared floating in the middle of the room what I assumed was a ghost, there to give her a message.  Then there was a scene of everyone sitting around and eating together.  The characters seemed like those from The Neighbors.  Dick Butkus was definitely there.  Then it cut to the last shot before the credits – a view of the house accompanied by the musical sting that ends every episode of The Neighbors.


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Clay Turtles

November 16, 2007-November 17, 2007 – My brother was talking to me in the car, while at the same time I was walking out of the bathroom at my grandmother’s house.  There was this small, green, turtle-like thing on the floor next to my foot that looked like it was made out of clay.  My brother was telling me how a clay turtle once attacked him.  Then the turtle thing started to move.  It had a slow – but creepy – paralysis-inducing movement.  It got close to my leg, and I was afraid it was going to bite me, or inject me with some poison, or that it was just going to feel really ticklish.

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Imagen Warfare Modarn

October 8, 2013-October 9, 2013 – I was in the paintball game from the Community episode “Modern Warfare.”  Annie and Abed were eliminated.  Then I struck out on my own.  I made my way around one of the top floors for a while until it was practically empty.  I heard some chatter from people on the other team saying that all but one or two people on our team were eliminated.  They didn’t seem to think anyone was left on the floor I was on, so I headed downstairs to sneak up on them.  I ran into a lot of people,  many of them people I knew from high school.  I got away from each of them just in time.  I ended up holed up in a room.  It seemed like I was destined to win, but the odds really seemed against me at this point.  Eventually I had to get out of the classroom, as a bunch of people collapsed in on me.  I think I had a few bits of paint on me, but I hadn’t been fired on, so I was still alive.  I ran into an elevator and took my shirt off.  Two guys joined me in there.  We got into a struggle that I somehow made it out of.

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July 3, 2011-July 4, 2011 – I was working a night shift at the movie theatre.  It was probably a Thursday night, but it might have been a Tuesday.  There were several things to take care of.  I went upstairs to do something.

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Fine Young Cows

June 7, 2012-June 8, 2012 – I was eating a meal at a large wooden table by a stable or something like that.  There were three young cows on my left.  What I was eating had come from these cows.  After I finished with those cows, I was about to get something from the older cows on my right.  The young cows were only about five years old, while the old cows were closer to the oldest that cows could get, with one of them 394 years old.  Someone in the stable warned me that I was wearing clothes that the old cows would want to eat.  The first old cow tried to eat my clothes a bit, but it was easily avoidable.  The second cow came at me, and it looked like a small, impish child.  It kept nipping at my suit jacket.

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It Never Ends

January 20, 2013-January 21, 2013 – My bedsheet had come loose while sleeping.  I tried to get it reset by re-tucking the corners.  While tucking in one of the top corners, one of the bottom corners became very loose.

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Talking Dreaming Men

June 14, 2013-June 15, 2013 – I was watching Mad Men.  There were three notable aspects about the plot that I remembered when I was awake.  I was keeping those three points straight as I was writing this dream down.  I got through all of the first part, then I was getting the second part going.

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