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May 28, 2019-May 29, 2019 – I was watching Edge of Tomorrow. It was a scene at the beginning I had never seen before involving God and Emily Blunt’s character. Later, I was with my dad at what looked like a convention. The crowd had died down. All that was left was a line of people waiting to see Rob Schrab. The setup looked like he was a professor and we were going to see him during his office hours. On the door was written the name of a movie: “The Ball (Something)” or “The Ball and the (Something).” It was a parody from a few decades ago. It was the topic we were supposed to talk about with Rob. Dad and I entered Rob’s space. There was a specialty Monopoly game on a table. The lid was a little loose, so I pushed it down tight. As for the movie written on the door, I said, “I haven’t seen it. Wasn’t it about… ?” Then we got to talking about other topics. I was worried we were going to talk so long that we were going to take away from the time of the girl behind us. I told Rob that I had been watching Edge of Tomorrow earlier. I also mentioned I had a dream a while back about a scene in that movie featuring God. He was walking around some parks in what appeared to be Brooklyn. At some point Dan Harmon was here and he took what I said as a suggestion for what he was working on. I was watching more of God. This was in a Family Guy episode. He was walking around some main area of town. This was an early episode. I think it was from after from the revival, when I was in high school. I was going to hit the guide button on the remote to see when it originally aired.

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