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December 27, 2016-December 28, 2016 – I was watching an early scene fromĀ Taken. It was with that pop singer, in bed with her mom and a nurse. The nurse said that it was time to clean up her arm. She said that she didn’t have to, because she was going to be wearing her “sleeves” (i.e., compression sleeves). She lifted one arm, revealing scars from heroin injections, and it was now clear what the nurse meant by “clean up.” He proceeded to inject a needle with something that would relieve the effects of the heroin.


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December 17, 2016-December 18, 2016 – I was in a hotel room watching Friends. I had begun catching up on it. I had watched a few episodes before. I was watching this episode for an article I was writing. Monica was going on about something.

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