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Party Time, Excellent.

August 3, 2012-August 4, 2012 – I was sitting around a table with a group of people.  I think there were about seven of us.


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March 13, 2013-March 14, 2013 – I was watching an episode of Parenthood/I was in the house where it was taking place.  Every character seemed to be gathered here.  There was a pool out in the backyard.  Various characters kept walking through the dining room.  One person came in through the backyard, and someone else came in through the other way.  They were a married couple, and they had a fight about parents.  There were several characters here that I didn’t recognize.  Joel McHale was playing a character.  He was sitting at the table, eating by himself.  His mother- and father-in-law walked out and started yelling at him about his wife.  They called him “Jeff.”  They eventually left the room, and Joel continued eating.

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The Robots Speak

January 26, 2014-January 27, 2014 – I was in my bed, in the process of waking up.  The room looked like my room at home, but the bed itself and its placement in the room were more like my dorm.  It was like a half foot higher off the ground than I was used to.  My sister came in because she needed to grab some boots, which were apparently mixed in with my shoes.  Eventually, I got up.  I got down on the floor to pick out a pair of shoes.  I was having trouble finding a good matching pair.  There was one tall black leather boot by itself, sitting on a towel.  I assumed it was my sister’s.  Eventually I found shoes.  Then I was in the bathroom with my backpack on.  It was kind of heavy.  There were some things I could take out of it, so I was going to go back to my room and do that.  At some point, I was watching one of Daft Punk’s acceptance speeches at the Grammys.  Their helmets were off.  They took turns talking.  They were speaking in heavily accented English, using very few words.

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October 7, 2013-October 8, 2013 – I watched a friend of mine walk up to what looked like a customer service counter.  She asked the guy (who was pretty tall) something regarding a Buzzfeed article.

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Snowmaggedon, Jr.

April 22, 2007-April 23, 2007 – It was snowing.  I was very upset that the temperatures had dropped again, right after they had been in the 80’s yesterday.  I walked back to my room.  My window was open, and snow was falling on my bed.

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Crumbs Spread Disease

September 9, 2006-September 10, 2006 – I was in my family room, cleaning up after a party or something like that.  After picking up blankets, I was sweeping muffin crumbs off the couch.  Then my aunt said that I shouldn’t leave crumbs on the floor because they could spread some disease.  Then my grandmother (and perhaps a few other relatives) were there, too.

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Fish Happens

January 12, 2007-January 13, 2007 – I was with my family, sitting on a deck in my grandmother’s yard.  I was showing everyone some fish I had in plastic, Ziploc-type bags and saying what they were.  One of the last fish was some sort of shellfish with a broken shell.

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