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Waste of Gas

January 21, 2010-January 22, 2010 – I was switching the channels back and forth among a Lakers game on ESPN, the Cowboys-Eagles playoff game on NFL Network, and a Comedy Central show.  I had been watching them at home, but then I went over to watch them at my friend Walt’s house, or some house that Walt was at.  We were  planning on going to a movie at a theatre that I had never been to.  As I pulled up to Walt’s, I noticed a 6-auditorium theatre nearby.  From the outside, this place looked like a hotel.  I went inside and met up with Walt.  His family was around as well.  We went upstairs, where we finalized our plan for the movie.  Meanwhile, I continued to watch what I had been watching on TV.  The Lakers game had just ended, but there was still plenty left in the Cowboys game.  It was about 8:00 right now.  Someone else – a cross-country teammate of mine from college – showed up.  He came into the room and looked up some stuff on his computer.  Walt and I were ready to go to the movie now.  I was a little upset about missing the Cowboys.  Walt left first.  The theatre we were going to ended up being the one I had seen just outside.  So Walt had only just driven a few blocks forward.  I was standing outside my car, wondering, “So, we’re just supposed to drive a few blocks forward?’


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Public vs. Private Nudity

January 28, 2010-January 29, 2010 – I was lying down on the floor next to my bed.  I had an erection.  My penis was so long that the tip could touch my chin.  Then I noticed that two of my friends (I forget who) were in the room.  Also my pants were back on.  My friends hadn’t noticed that I had been naked.  I sat down in a chair next to them in the dimly lit room, ready to partake in the conversation.

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December 24, 2010-December 25, 2010 – I was watching Smallville.  Clark and Lois were on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere by a big, empty grassy plain.  I think there was a group of cheerleaders and other folks from a school whose bus had gotten stranded.  There was a windstorm brewing.  I and a few other people were transported to a parallel world.  We were in a secure room, with a safe and other such structures.  We were finding secrets concerning Agents Mulder and Scully.  Then we were back in our own world.  One of the girls in our group casually mentioned that Scully had killed Mulder.  I wasn’t aware that this had happened.  A few of us went back to the parallel world and confirmed that Scully had, in fact, killed Mulder in an episode from the second-to-last season or third-to-last season, so Mulder had been dead while appearing in the last episodes.

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I’ll Check Again

July 17, 2010-July 18, 2010 – I got my paycheck.  It was worth $813 and change.  My dad commented that it was one of my smallest checks ever.  I said that it was actually one of my biggest.  Then I said that it was over $900 before taxes.  Taxes were over $100, but I only saw $3 and $2 written in the tax detail section.

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Dreaming in Odd Syntax

July 29, 2010-July 30, 2010 – I was talking to a former co-worker from the movie theatre at some house.  We were at the top of a staircase.  She was telling me about a contest.  I think she had a spot for the entries in the general area in which we were.  I think people from the movie theatre were involved in the contest.

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Pulling Teeth

July 29, 2010-July 30, 2010 – I had to have some teeth pulled.  In preparation, for the surgery, there had been some string applied to the back of my lower front teeth.  I was out in the family room, watching something on VH1.  When it ended, there was a clip for a reality show starring Jerry Rice.  I continued to think and fret about the teeth pulling.  Then my friend Walt showed up.  I saw him walking in my backyard.  He walked inside through the porch door.  He started talking to me about something related to teeth pulling, as he had had a similar experience.

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Modern Times

July 14, 2010-July 15, 2010 – I climbed up some really tall steps to an outdoor basketball court.  Connected to the court was the locker room of a gym.  There were guys walking out of the men’s room naked.  Their bodies were completely shaved.  I went in to use the men’s room myself.  I went to the bathroom.  There was maybe one guy there who wasn’t naked and completely shaved.

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