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Last-Minute Packing

December 30, 2008-December 31, 2008 – It was the morning that I was leaving for Australia.  I had just gotten out of bed around 5:00 AM, and I realized that I hadn’t packed anything yet.  I was going to be leaving for the airport soon, so I was feverishly trying to remember everything that I should pack as I stuffed clothes into my suitcase.


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Grocery Prices Are Going Up

December 12, 2007-December 13, 2007 – I was checking out at the grocery store.  I hadn’t bought that many items.  The total price displayed was over $1500.  I told the cashier that that had to be wrong, and he adjusted it so that it was now about $45, which I still thought was a little high.

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I Like to Graduate

June 15, 2006-June 16, 2006 – I was at back at my high school with my classmates, preparing for some graduation festivities, even though it was after graduation.

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Slits for Eyes

December 14, 2012-December 15, 2012 – I was watching Family Guy.  Lois and Peter’s eyes were now black horizontal slits.

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Passport to Canada

March 18, 2012-March 19, 2012 – I was at the post office because I was going to Canada, and I thought I might need to get my passport updated, as the back page was completely filled with stamps from all the countries I had visited.  I wasn’t sure if I needed to get it checked, but I thought I would be safe.  The line was winding around a wide portion of the lobby.  The desk with the person we were waiting for was wide and semicircular.  The guy in front of me – an older fellow – wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing while being helped.  I think I helped him along.  While I was being helped, I was staring at the desk for several seconds, waiting for something to happen.

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To Kill or Be Killed?

October 21, 2011-October 22, 2011 – I was watching Scream 4, or some Scream sequel taking place around the time of Scream 4.  A little earlier than midway through, Sidney was revealed to be one of the two killers.  Her cousin Jill was the other one.  Right after the reveal, Sidney was driving from a house to somewhere in town during a sunny afternoon.  Jill and other characters were also headed there.  Sidney wasn’t working with Jill; actually, she was one of the killers for the sake of preventing Jill from killing more.

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June 13, 2011-June 14, 2011 – I joined my parents and sister in the living room towatch a British Whose Line is it Anyway? episode.  It was the one that I had just watched a few bits from on YouTube; it featured Greg Proops, Niall Ashdown, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles.  It proved to be hilarious, and I was glad that I had ended up watching it.  It was rather serendipitous that this episode had ended up being on like this.

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