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Lopsided Trip

March 25, 2012-March 26, 2012 – I made an impromptu decision with my friend Jeff to head off on a trip to Minnesota.  While we were taking off, the plane was a little lopsided, or there was something else about our trip that felt a little lopsided.

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Humor Is Subjective

November 5, 2011-November 6, 2011 – Neil Young was appearing as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show.  Jimmy had this recurring bit of song parodies with a Neil Young impression.  These parodies hinged on one short goofy phrase that was a takeoff of a phrase from whatever he was parodying.  Neil revealed a video he had created in the style of Jimmy’s parodies.  He was out in a field on a farm in the video.  He came to the end of a line in his song and then said, “One,” while holding up his index finger, and then he said his first goofy phrase.  At the next line’s end, he said, “Two,” held up his finger, and said his second phrase.  He came back around to the one and two goofy phrases for a second time.  I was cracking up each time he said a goofy phrase.  Neil opened something up on the field (it looked like he was opening up a tall book) to reveal his final goofy phrase: “Con-grat-u-la-tions,” which he sang slowly, one syllable at a time.  I was in complete hysterics as he sang this phrase.

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A Revealing Interview

January 25, 2011-January 26, 2011 – I was watching Sandra Bullock interview Scarlett Johansson.  The topic was nude scenes in movies.  Sandra was mainly asking Scarlett if she would ever do a nude scene.  She sounded rather reticent to do so.  It was brought up that Sandra had never done a nude scene either, but then Scarlett pointed out that there was that one scene in The Proposal.  Sandra said, “Oh, yes” and then gave sincere thought to the chance of ever doing a real nude scene.  Then there was a shot of Sandra lifting her legs apart.  Inspired by Sandra, Scarlett started to rethink the possibility of doing a nude scene.  Then there was a shot of a naked Scarlett on the floor on her back with her knees up.  Then she spread her legs apart.

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Whither Harry Potter?

January 3, 2011-January 4, 2011 – I was sitting around the living room in the middle of the day on Tuesday.  I was wondering if I wanted to go see that late show of Harry Potter.  I definitely wanted to see it, but there were other things I could be doing at home.

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Everybody Poops

July 7, 2010-July 8, 2010 – I was working at the movie theatre.  I heard a little boy crying and screaming.  He was being led to the bathroom by his older brother, who looked to be about 3 or 4, so the little one must have been about 2.  Seconds after he walked into the bathroom, he started crying anew.  It sounded like he hadn’t made it to the toilet in time, so it seemed like there was going to be a mess in there.

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“Where the party was”

October 16, 2009-October 17, 2009 – I was led into the room where the party was.  There were mostly young girls.  After a little bit, I recognized that it was a reunion of the girls from Reba.

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Musical Cars

April 22, 2009-April 23, 2009 – I was hanging out with Walt, Jeff, and Dave.  We were at Dave’s house.  Well, we were at some place where Walt, Jeff, and I were leaving from while Dave was staying.  So we got into the car and went to go dropping off whomever was being dropped off first.  But then we pulled over on the side of the road and split up into multiple cars.  Or, we were originally in two cars, and we were now consolidating into one car.

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