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Key & Peele-Fish Happens

December 2, 2013-December 3, 2013 – Key and Peele were making a list of ten animals that they were transporting.  Key was going to take care of the last two animals on the list, but Peele insisted that he should.  Then they were on a private jet, accompanied by a woman.  The last two animals were two small fish; one was named “Robin,” and the other one was a goldfish.  Peele leaned into their bowl and said, “Robin, you’re a fish, so you’re probably gonna die.”  Then he said the same thing to the goldfish.


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A Scandal-ous Quarantine

June 20, 2014-June 21, 2014 – I was out in my front yard, in the late afternoon/evening.  I was on the edge of the yard by the street.  Suddenly, Rowan Pope from Scandal showed up and told me I needed to get out of the way, because it wasn’t safe here.  A whole crew of other government types – like a SWAT team – were also descending on the area.  This all seemed a little suspect, but I tried to get out of the way nonetheless.  They set down a rope along the length of the street on the edge nearer the even-numbered houses to set off the quarantined area.  Then they pulled it over to the other side of the street before I had a chance to get on the right side.  My dad and brother were also outside.

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February 11, 2012-February 12, 2012 – We were going to my cousin and his wife’s after their daughter’s (my goddaughter’s) baptism.  I had made sure to get her a gift.  My parents and I arrived at the same time as my aunt and uncle.  It looked like we were arriving at our house.  Everyone was in what looked like our living room.  I was surprised to discover that the baptism girl was already talking.

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Billy on the Stone

November 12, 2012-November 13, 2012 – I was reading a magazine that looked like Rolling Stone, but I don’t think it was Rolling Stone.  There was an article about Billy Eichner and another article about another gay man.  I said to myself that this issue had articles on my two favorite gay celebrities.  At the end of the article on Billy, there was a list that might have been a recap of the first season of Billy on the Street, or a schedule of the upcoming season.

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After the Exorcism

August 5, 2013-August 6, 2013 – It was right after the exorcism at the end of The Conjuring.  I was trying to ask Lorraine Warren if everything usually turned out all right with the people they worked with.  But then there was something going on with Roger Perron.  And there was a storm brewing.  It looked like my grandmother’s backyard.  We decided to push Roger inside.  Then there were a couple other people inside right by the door, and we were trying to keep at least one of them inside.  We stuck something with a pointed edge through the door.

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Community in the Basement

November 29, 2013-November 30, 2013 – I was watching the season 5 premiere of Community, and I also seemed to be in the same space as in the scenes.  Walton Goggins was in the study room with the group.  He was standing while the rest of them were sitting.  Everyone was there except Shirley (and Pierce, of course).  Britta and Troy (and/or Abed) carried a table down to the basement with Walton.  Then they walked back up.

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June 8, 2014-June 9, 2014 – I was arriving back in New York after some time away.  One of my Improv 101 classmates contacted me, under the impression that I was about to get back into improv.  This did seem like a good time for that for me, but I don’t know how he could have known that, as this was the first time I was thinking about it.

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