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September 6, 2004-September 7, 2004 – I was walking a dog with a really long leash.  It kept walking ahead of me and getting its leash tangled up in the long leashes of other dogs.  The owner of one of these dogs said that this reminded him of a story – 2 stories actually, with very odd names, both inspired by a story from the Bible.  He started to tell me the Bible story, and it did not make much sense.


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Swimming with the Phelps

August 18, 2004-August 19, 2004 -I was in a medley swimming relay, the whole time wondering why I had been chosen.  After the second leg – who I think was Michael Phelps – jumped in the pool, I asked the other guy yet to go who was the third leg.  I was surprised to find out that I was, because I was not too good in that leg’s stroke – the breaststroke.  I jumped in the pool and stayed under for a while, and as I was beginning my stroke and about to come up, it all ended.

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August 9, 2004-August 10, 2004 – I was watching Whose Line is it Anyway?, but things were different.  Drew was sitting where the performers are supposed to sit and there was a wide desk that separated the floor.  The performers sat on the other side, facing Drew.  Ryan and Colin were called up to play a game in which they serenaded a girl from the audience.  They picked her up in her chair and started the game behind the desk but then carried her in front of it and continued there.

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