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May 5, 2016-May 6, 2016 – I was at a big house. I was part of a group of people investigating something. I wasn’t an official member of the team, more like a freelancer. They were asking questions. I went off to go to the bathroom. I had to keep wiping; there seemed to be no end in sight. Then Chris Gethard was outside the door, giving me some words of encouragement. When I re-joined the team (they were still in the same room asking questions). I was feeling a lot more confident.


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May 3, 2016-May 4, 2016 – I was watching Night of the Living Dead 2, or the sequel to some other iconic zombie movie. There were a couple of guys discussing their encounters with zombies. One of them was played by Drake Bell. There were flashbacks of Drake fighting against the zombies and then the guy who was with him doing the same. They were attacking them with aluminum baseball bats. Then Drake was re-telling his story; apparently there were a few details that needed to be adjusted. He walked out towards his car. It looked like it was my parents’ front yard, with the car parked on the side of the road. It also looked like it was by a park. The zombies were coming up to Drake one at a time. He aimed his bat at their heads. I worried that he wouldn’t be able to have a clean shot each time. He was now by the driver’s door. He was waiting for someone to pull up.

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