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The Vampire Communities

February 13, 2013-February 14, 2013 – It was Thursday.  I was getting ready to go to work for the night.  I ran upstairs to get changed, and then I ran back down to set the DVR.  All of my family except my brother were in the house.  My sister was in the living room.  I set both The Vampire Diaries and Community to record at 8:00.  I was thinking of recording multiple shows in the 9 o’clock hour as well.


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Oops, My Mystique

July 27, 2013-July 28, 2013 – I was watching an X-Men movie.  Mystique (as played by Jennifer Lawrence) and one other character had just fallen out of a plane.  Mystique tried to grab onto the other person so as to take her powers, but she stuck a blue pen into Mystique – which made her turn blue.  Then Mystique was falling on her own.  She was about to crash, and I wondered if she had gotten the power to make a parachute from somebody.  And then indeed she did make one.

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November 17, 2013-November 18, 2013 – I was looking at my Netflix queue.  It had changed.  There was no longer a Saved section, or there were now two.  Most (or all) of the titles from the saved section had been moved to my main queue.  There were now two other sections of two titles each.  The second one seemed like a Saved section, but not exactly.  At least one of the two from that one had been moved from my main queue, and it still had the same number (353).

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July 23, 2014-July 24, 2014 – I was at my brother’s place in Brooklyn, although I wasn’t really aware of that at first.  I was in the basement, watching Season 6 of Community.  A friend watched it, or part of it, with me.  Then I was talking about it, or planning on talking about it, with a group of people.  We were lining up for the discussion in what appeared to be an empty parking lot.  These were the things I was going to mention: I had finished the entire season in one day, all 6 1/2 hours of it (they had apparently all been released at once); since this season ended so quickly, I wondered when the next new episodes would air – I figured they could start fairly soon; this season had hardly any guest stars – I was thinking that they needed to get Brie Larson back as soon as possible; also, I was pretty sure John Oliver hadn’t appeared, so they needed to rectify that; all the episodes were 21 or 22 minutes – I wondered if they would want to experiment with that and have a few longer episodes.  I peeked into a room downstairs.  Then I was heading out.  I was going to get on the subway and head back home.  But then I decided to stop back quick for something.  I ran into a friend, who was also on his way to my brother’s.  It was raining steadily.  My brother’s place was rather spacious, with some classic brick architecture.  The area looked like Princeton, or a residential area of Baltimore.  The front (or back? – the part that we entered through) was right next to a fence on the side of the road.  The subway line I would have been taking was R, maybe – a line I wasn’t used to.  Back at my brother’s, I was watching The Shining.  It began with a cat that had blood spilling out of its mouth.  Something called it “the cat that was shining” – with the blood-spilling apparently being what “shining” was.  The blood appeared to be coming out of the TV screen.  I got up close to the cat and saw that this was indeed what was happening.  I tried to clean the cat of the blood, but it latched on to me, and I ended up spinning it around, and it continued to have blood spilling out.  This took up about the first 45 minutes of the movie.

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Speech! Speech! Speech?

July 3, 2006-July 4, 2006 – I delivered a speech for something and thought it went well, but a high school classmate of mine told me that she did not like it.  But then she said that my friend Walt’s speech was much worse, though…

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The Core of the Matter

July 17, 2014-July 18, 2014 – I was watching some television on the computer in the morning.  I realized that I had meant to do some core exercises.  I had started them a little earlier, but barely.  I was due for a set of bike exercises.  I decided to do it on the computer chair.  I got to it, getting through at least 2/3.

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The Trip to Glamour

July 22, 2013-July 23, 2013 – I was sitting on the side of the road in a neighborhood.  It was somewhere in the South.  I was reading Glamour magazine, which I had a subscription to.  Then my family showed up to pick me up.  I had a questionnaire to fill out.  I got in the backseat while Kaity was driving.  I was going to ask her the questions on the way.

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