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The Funchly Show

October 3, 2015-October 4, 2015 – This woman was plotting to kill her husband after this other man had set something in motion. Or she was plotting to kill another man, which she was able to do now that her husband had left, or died. The plotting was all going on in a corner of a house, mainly a bedroom and bathroom. The targeted man caught on to what was going on, but he was powerless to stop it. I was now hanging out in the kitchen, which was right nearby. Ron Funches was sitting at the table, preparing his new Comedy Central talk show. There was a production crew around him. I brought up the guide on the cable to find when it aired. I figured it would it would be on at 11:30, which would moveĀ The Nightly Show to 12:30. But that andĀ @midnight were still in the same spot on the guide, so it looked like Ron’s show would be on at 2:30.


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