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May 2, 2015-May 3, 2015 – I was watching the sequel to¬†Fargo (the TV show). It was following Martin Freeman’s character (who didn’t seem to exactly be Lester Nygaard). It was taking place at the same time as the first one. He managed to stay out of trouble this time. In fact, it seemed to be about how he was managing to avoid trouble, despite being in some dangerous situations. I was really liking it. It was just as good as the first one. It ended with Martin Freeman settling in somewhere. Then there was a little more added on. He was walking around what looked like my neighborhood. The scene made its way down a block. People were milling about. Some guy stepped out and stood right in front of my perspective. He started shooting people as a sniper would. Everyone was a potential target. Martin Freeman apparently so far avoided being targeted. Some woman yelled out to alert people to where he was. He was turning onto the street at the end of the block, somehow managing to slip away yet again. Then the scene was back in front of my house. A woman stepped out the front door to declare something. Then there was something going on with Stephen Merchant calling people handsy. This sounded okay at first. Then the screen was filled with four examples of people being handsy. It was clarified that Stephen did not approve of this.

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