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August 21, 2015-August 22, 2015 – I was watching Hannibal. The scene was taking place in a sewer. Some guy ran off away from Will, who was trying to help someone who was injured. The waters were flooding. I was feeling sad that this was one of the last episodes. Also some other guy was more of the lead this season, so I was sad that Will wasn’t really the lead.


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June 11, 2015-June 12, 2015 – On Hannibal, Will Graham was staying on the 7th floor of a hotel in Italy. The FBI had tracked him down, and it seemed like they were set to neutralize him. Will was talking to a friend and someone else (who might have been in the FBI but wasn’t revealing that at the moment) in the hallway. Then the scene went downstairs as Will and his friend went back into his room, which was in the corner. There was a character who was like another version of Will Graham – I was controlling him. I stepped outside from the lobby. The FBI crew was conferring about their plan. Jessica Chastain was playing one of the FBI agents. She was standing off to the side. I leaned over and said a few things to her. The plan was made, but then I volunteered to take the place of the crew that was going directly after Will. I (we) said, “I know this guy.” They were planning on killing him, but I wanted to be close to him to prevent that, since I knew he was innocent. I got on an elevator with Jessica, a guy, and another woman (who looked like Kathryn Hahn).  All of us except the other guy were crouched down. There was a covering over the window such that we couldn’t see outside. We got out right down the hall from Will’s room. I was supposed to walk around the long way and stand in the hallway to block Will’s path. When we got out, Peggy Olson and a few other Mad Men characters walked out of a room. We yelled at them to get out of the way. They turned around, didn’t move fast, but then quickly headed downstairs. One of the ladies walked around with me and stood in the corner. Will walked out, but I wasn’t in position yet to stop him. He walked a couple stories down the stairs in the middle of the hallway. The rest of the team was closing in. Not that much later, Will walked back up.

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