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July 11, 2016-July 12, 2016 – I was in what looked like a shopping mall. I was headed to Queens for a baseball game, or something like that. I looked up directions on my phone. There were four trains I could get on at this station, and then with all of those options, I would transfer to the D. The option listed at the top (M to D) was a little shorter than the others, so I chose that one. It was a V-shaped route. It was about four stops total, with two on the D. It looked like the train was going to run along the mall floor. I wondered how that would work. I just barely jumped into the train’s last car as it was taking off. The cars were like rollercoaster seats. There were about four people in cars farther up on this train. I was hanging onto the side of the car. Eventually I settled in. We went along the floor. Somehow we kept moving as though we were still on a track, and we avoided bumping into the kiosks. Someone I knew from movie trivia was cheering me on to keep moving. We started to go up where it looked like an escalator was, and then we continued going around. Eventually I was in a room by myself, watching football. My dad was walking through the hallway. The Cowboys had just run for 2 yards on first down. I wondered if this running back was going to work out. On the next play, Romo ran on a set play for about 20 yards to midfield. Later in the drive, when they were just inside the 20, Will Forte and Kristen Wiig were on the field for the Cowboys.


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