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Republicans Melt Ice Cream!

January 7, 2008-January 8, 2008 – I was making myself a bowl of ice cream: vanilla/chocolate with chocolate syrup and peanuts.  As I was making it, I could hear a message from a Republican woman.  Then there was another message.  It was from a friend of mine from high school, who was saying that even though she had always been a Democrat, she was now becoming a Republican.  When the messages were over, my ice cream was all melted.


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Feral Running

January 30, 2009-January 31, 2009 – I was running through some streets on my hands and feet.  I didn’t have any pants on.  I was only wearing a shirt, with a blanket or towel covering me from the waist down.  I was trying to keep myself unexposed.  But there was hardly anybody outside anyway.  Then I took a moment to stretch and some guy riding his bike saw me.  Then I stopped, and I was back home.

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June 28, 2009-June 29, 2009 – It was the morning of the day that I was leaving Australia with my family.  I had just gotten up.  I wanted  to get a workout in before we left.  I had gotten up three hours before we needed to leave, which gave me enough time.  I let Mom know where I was headed.  I was planning on biking, but without thinking, I started running.  My feet felt fine (despite a recent injury), so I just kept running.  I was thinking that at this point it was too late to go back and start biking, and my feet and legs still felt fine, so I continued running.

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Waste of Gas

January 21, 2010-January 22, 2010 – I was switching the channels back and forth among a Lakers game on ESPN, the Cowboys-Eagles playoff game on NFL Network, and a Comedy Central show.  I had been watching them at home, but then I went over to watch them at my friend Walt’s house, or some house that Walt was at.  We were  planning on going to a movie at a theatre that I had never been to.  As I pulled up to Walt’s, I noticed a 6-auditorium theatre nearby.  From the outside, this place looked like a hotel.  I went inside and met up with Walt.  His family was around as well.  We went upstairs, where we finalized our plan for the movie.  Meanwhile, I continued to watch what I had been watching on TV.  The Lakers game had just ended, but there was still plenty left in the Cowboys game.  It was about 8:00 right now.  Someone else – a cross-country teammate of mine from college – showed up.  He came into the room and looked up some stuff on his computer.  Walt and I were ready to go to the movie now.  I was a little upset about missing the Cowboys.  Walt left first.  The theatre we were going to ended up being the one I had seen just outside.  So Walt had only just driven a few blocks forward.  I was standing outside my car, wondering, “So, we’re just supposed to drive a few blocks forward?’

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Backyard of Horror

January 2, 2014-January 3, 2014 – I walked into my dining room the same time as my brother and Nelli the dog.  Nelli walked out to the family room and then walked out a back door that was past the family room back door.  I followed her out.  She ran off, while I remained standing by the deck.  When Nelli came back, she was sniffing at a pile of leaves.  I could hear maniacal laughing or screaming coming from there.  I found a doll that seemed to be coming to life.  There seemed to be every horror movie creature haunting the backyard.  There was a girl in a white dress walking across the yard in front of the basketball court.  I got a good look at her, and she turned and stared at me.  She had the face of a doll.  Then I was standing by my dad’s office door.  The dollface girl and a lobster were walking in my direction from the fence gate.  The lobster was screeching.  I thought about pulling the lobster apart, but then I worried that might be dangerous.

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(NOTE: In my dreams, celebrities usually appear as conflations of themselves and the characters they play.  So if a dream takes place in a movie or TV show, then its characters are usually also the actors that play them.  There a few exceptions: animated characters generally are not counted this way, as they don’t tend to have this same conflated quality.  So, an appearance by Bob Belcher would not also count as an appearance by H. Jon Benjamin.  Also, fictional characters that have had multiple iterations: an appearance by Batman doesn’t count as an appearance by Christian Bale unless it is the version of Batman as played by Christian Bale.)

2013 may have been a down year for Community, but it was not a down year for the Community cast residing in my subconscious.  Alison Brie and Joel McHale tied for the top spot for the second year in a row, and the entire study group once again took slots 1-7.  And my subconscious also agreed with everyone else about adorableness, with J-Law placing highest among non-Community members.  Every entrant of 2013 follows:

Alison Brie – 11 (8 times as Annie Edison)
Joel McHale – 11(8 times as Jeff Winger)
Danny Pudi – 9 (8 times as Abed Nadir)
Donald Glover – 8 (each time as Troy Barnes)
Gillian Jacobs – 7 (each time as Britta Perry)
Chevy Chase – 6 (5 times as Pierce Hawthorne)
Yvette Nicole Brown – 5 (each time as Shirley Bennett)
Jennifer Lawrence – 4 (once as Mystique, once as Katniss Everdeen)
Zooey Deschanel – 3 (once as Jess Day)
Nina Dobrev – 3 (twice as Elena Gilbert, once as Katherine Pierce)
Chris Gethard – 3
Jon Hamm – 3 (each time as Don Draper)
Toks Olagundoye – 3 (each time as Jackie Joyner-Kersee)
Simon Templeman – 3 (each time as Larry Bird)
Alex Trebek – 3
Judd Apatow – 2
Fred Armisen – 2
Bradley Cooper – 2
Billy Eichner – 2
Max Greenfield – 2 (both times as Schmidt)
Neil Patrick Harris – 2 (both times as Barney Stinson)
Malcolm McDowell – 2
Aubrey Plaza – 2 (once as Brandy Klark, once as April Ludgate)
Amy Poehler – 2 (once as Leslie Knope)
Josh Radnor – 2 (both times as Ted Mosby)
Seth Rogen – 2 (once as Dirty Randy)
Paul Rudd – 2
Maya Rudolph – 2
Jason Segel – 2 (both times as Marshall Eriksen)
Alia Shawkat – 2 (once as Fiona from as The To-Do List, once as Maeby Fünke)
Jeremy Sisto – 2 (once as George Altman)
Lenny Venito (both times as Marty Weaver) – 2
Damon Wayans, Jr. – 2
Jason Alexander – 1 (as George Costanza)
Will Arnett – 1 (as Gob Bluth)
Alec Baldwin – 1
Jason Bateman – 1 (as Michael Bluth)
Rostam Batmanglij – 1
John Belushi – 1
Beck Bennett – 1
Melissa Benoist – 1 (as Marley Rose)
Elizabeth Berkley – 1
Beyoncé – 1
Joe Biden – 1
AJ Bowen – 1 (as Crispian from You’re Next)
Julie Bowen – 1
Wayne Brady – 1
Chris “Ludacris” Bridges – 1 (as his Fast character, sort of)
Connie Britton – 1
Albert Brooks – 1 (as his Broadcast News character)
Carrie Brownstein – 1
Anna Camp – 1
Drew Carey – 1
Jessica Chastain – 1
Amber Coffman – 1
Stephen Colbert – 1
The cop from You’re Next – 1
Marion Cotillard – 1
Eliza Coupe – 1
Bryan Cranston – 1 (as Walter White)
Miley Cyrus – 1
Carson Daly – 1
Charlie Day – 1 (as Charlie Kelly)
Judi Dench – 1
Johnny Depp – 1 (as Edward Scissorhands)
Danny DeVito – 1 (as Frank Reynolds)
The Doctor – 1
Drake – 1
Rachel Dratch – 1
Jason Dundas – 1
Roger Ebert – 1
Shannon Elizabeth – 1
Abby Elliott – 1
Vera Farmiga – 1 (as Lorraine Warren)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson – 1 (as Mitchell Pritchett)
Will Ferrell – 1
Tina Fey – 1
Michael J. Fox – 1 (as Marty McFly)
James Franco – 1
Philip J. Fry- 1
Zach Galifianakis – 1
Ana Gasteyer – 1 (as Sheila Shay)
Jami Gertz – 1 (as Debbie Weaver)
Walton Goggins – 1
Selena Gomez – 1
John Goodman – 1
Allie Grant – 1(as Lisa Shay)
Anna Gunn – 1 (as Skyler White)
Jake Gyllenhaal – 1 (as Detective Loki)
Bill Hader – 1
Alyson Hannigan – 1 (as Lily Aldrin)
Jonah Hill – 1
Holly Hunter – 1 – (as her Broadcast News character)
William Hurt – 1 (as his Broadcast News character)
Hugh Jackman – 1 (as Keller Dover)
Joshua Jackson – 1 (as Peter Bishop)
Samuel L. Jackson – 1
Jay-Z – 1
Ken Jeong – 1 (as Ben Chang)
Jake Johnson – 1 (as Nick Miller)
January Jones – 1 (as Betty Draper)
Mindy Kaling – 1 (as Mindy Lahiri)
Kim Kardashian – 1
Carrie Keegan – 1
Ke$ha – 1
Keegan Michael Key – 1
Charley Koontz – 1 (as Fat/Real Neil)
Brie Larson – 1
Mélanie Laurent – 1
Jane Levy – 1 (as Tessa Altman)
Ron Livingston – 1 (as Roger Perron)
Christopher Lloyd – 1 (as Doc Emmett Brown)
Lindsay Lohan – 1
Leslie Mann – 1 (as Debbie from Knocked Up/This Is 40)
Jason Mantzoukas – 1
Marc Maron – 1
Margo Martindale – 1
Tim Meadows – 1
Charlie McDermott – 1 (as Axl Heck)
Norm MacDonald – 1
Chris Messina – 1 (as Danny Castellano)
Nicki Minaj – 1
RJ Mitte – 1 (as Walter White, Jr.)
Colin Mochrie – 1
Kyle Mooney – 1
Chloë Grace Moretz – 1
Lamorne Morris – 1 (as Winston Bishop)
David Morrissey – 1 (as The Governor)
Martina Navratilova – 1
Erik Charles Nielsen – 1 (as Garrett Lambert)
John Noble – 1 (as Walter Bishop)
Barack Obama – 1
Nick Offerman – 1 (as Ron Swanson)
Timothy Olyphant – 1 (as Raylan Givens)
Chord Overstreet – 1 (as Sam Evans)
Jessica Paré – 1 (as Megan Draper)
Jordan Peele – 1
Busy Phillips – 1
Pinhead – 1 (played by Doug Bradley)
Scottie Pippen – 1
Jim Rash – 1 (as Dean Craig Pelton)
Michael Richards – 1 (as Cosmo Kramer)
Andy Richter – 1
Krysten Ritter – 1 (as Chloe)
Aung San Suu Kyi – 1
Jerry Seinfeld – 1 (as “Jerry Seinfeld”)
Peter Sellers – 1 (as Dr. Strangelove)
Eden Sher – 1 (as Sue Heck)
Martin Short – 1
Cobie Smulders – 1 (as Robin Scherbatsky)
Severus Snape – 1
Brittany Snow – 1
Cassie Stanford – 1
Jason Statham – 1
Aaron Staton – 1 (as Ken Cosgrove)
Sarah Steele – 1 (as Wendy from The To-Do List)
Cecily Strong – 1
Ryan Stiles – 1
Eric Stonestreet – 1 (as Cameron Tucker)
Taylor Swift – 1
Anna Torv – 1 (as Olivia Dunham)
T.I. – 1
Steven Tyler – 1
Vampire Weekend – 1
James Van Der Beek – 1 (as “James Van Der Beek”)
Sharni Vinson – 1 (as Erin from You’re Next)
Mark Wahlberg – 1
Christopher Walken – 1
Quvenzhané Wallis – 1
Reggie Watts – 1
Armond White – 1
Jaleel White – 1
Amy Wong – 1
Kristen Wiig – 1
Bruce Willis – 1
Tommy Wiseau – 1
Tiger Woods – 1
Anton Yelchin – 1
Malala Yousafzai – 1
Parker Young – 1 (as Ryan Shay)

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