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September 9, 2010-September 10, 2010 – I was watching the Night of the Blood Beast episode of MST3K.  The beginning was very funny, much funnier than I remembered from the first time that I watched it.  Then I remembered that there was a short in this episode, and somehow I skipped it, so I was going to go back and watch it.  Then Mom and Dad came in the room and we were watching football.  I had to go shopping for new shorts because I had holes in my shorts, or something like that.  Then Mom and I got ready to head to the store.  I got ready and sat down in the living room while I waited for Mom to finish getting ready.


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A Huge Tarantula

March 11, 2010-March 12, 2010 – I was sitting at a desk when I noticed an insect poking its head out of a cover on the wall.  I got up to see what this thing was.  It looked like some sort of spider.  I lifted off the cover.  It was a huge tarantula, about the size of a pan pizza.  It scattered away before I had a chance to poke at it.  I grabbed something like a screwdriver to pierce it.  I might have just let it go, but it was too big.  It got to a spot where I had a clear shot at it.  I took a swing, but it scurried out of the way.  It didn’t look like I was going to have another chance to get it.


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A Night at the Emmys

October 23, 2009-October 24, 2009 – I was watching the Emmys.  I was at home, in the living room.  Mom was in the room as well.  30 Rock had won for Best Comedy again.  The award for Best Drama was now being presented.  The winner was Lost.  I think I had wanted something else to win, but I was happy to see it go to Lost.  As the Lost folks walked up to the stage, “Ramble On” was being played.  Dad walked through the door.  I was going to quiz him to see if he could guess what had just won, i.e., 30 Rock for the fourth time in a row, Alec Baldwin for the fourth time in a row, and now Lost.  But I didn’t get a chance to, as I continued to watch the show.  A new cast member, who was playing a Dharma guy and was attached to one of the women on the show, was given the microphone.  The actress playing the woman he was attached to was standing next to him.  He was quoting the part of the lyrics of “Ramble On” that dealt with Lord of the Rings.  Then he tried to give the mic to Teri Hatcher, who really looked like she did not want to take it.  The show was being filmed at the Mickey Mouse Complex.  The camera cut to an aerial shot, which showed that the stadium was shaped like Mickey’s head, complete with mouse ears.

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Can’t Sit Still

April 18, 2009-April 19, 2009 – I was playing Guitar Hero: World Tour (at least I think it was GH: WT) with Kylie (at least I think it was Kylie) at home.  We didn’t have a full playlist available, and I think there were some songs that I wanted to play that we didn’t have.  Then Rob and Kylie were playing.  There were other Guitar Hero games that I wanted to play, so I was going to go out shopping for them.

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July 21, 2008-July 22, 2008 – I was talking with Aunt Pat in the porch.  She asked me what I thought about the photography in The Dark Knight.  I said, “Now I do think that The Dark Knight is the best movie of the year, but the photography was so good that I would watch it on mute.”  Aunt Pat was like, “Wow!  Really?!”  Then there was something else I was thinking about saying.

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